Oneplus 9R is one of the highly talked about smartphones by all leading smartphone brands. It has all the features that you need in your ideal smartphone. Its camera is also top class. But this smartphone does not come cheap and that is why you should buy it online if you are looking for an ideal smartphone. Here is how to buy Oneplus 9R online.

The Oneplus 9R features a fluid amoled oneplus 9r display and powerful camera. It comes fitted with an 6.5 inch fluid AMOLED touch display with high-definition support and two tone LED screen. It provides a full HD+ touchscreen with a pixel resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and 401PPI. You get more than ninety percent of the display area.

The Oneplus 9R offers users a number of advanced features that have been designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of professional photographers. One such feature is the image 2.0 technology which delivers stunning images. It allows you to edit, preview and share your photos in just one click. It can manage different memory cards including High Capacity, Low Capacity and standard memory cards, so that you can enjoy editing your images irrespective of the type of card used.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the Oneplus 9R also offers users enhanced photography performance. It incorporates many highly efficient mobile technology that includes the Qi-branded Quick Charge 2.0 technology which enables high-speed charge in just thirty minutes. The phone’s multi-axis image capturing and multi-image stabilization provide users smooth shooting performance even in dimly lit environments. It has a dual camera facility that allows you to use two cameras on the device for enabling multi-point image processing and image panning.

One of the most noteworthy technologies integrated into the Oneplus 9R is the Face recognition technology which supports facial recognition data for facial recognition, made possible by the DigiMemo Duo chip. This is one of the first hands-free digital camera devices to include this technology, and it also includes OLP scanning. This technology helps you to remove duplicate images, reduce the time taken to scan images, eliminate red eye, and fix problems with red eye. The lens with 100% optical warranty helps you to get quick repair and service for your defective Oneplus nineR sensor.

A powerful self-cleaning sensor is another exciting technology integrated into the Oneplus 9R. The patented Hydrophobic Coating technologies ensures long-term protection of the Oneplus 9R against water intrusion. With its advanced scanning techniques, the in-display fingerprint scanner of the Oneplus 9R can scan any type of print, from text to a logo. It also has the powerful infrared scanning for fine details and image editing capabilities.

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